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This Asian porn import is about to get an introduction to American crudeness and lewdness. A simple bathroom trip for Kita Zen ends with her pussy gaped like never before and a mouth full of white MSG. Everything that happens in between ranges from purely innocent to completely and utterly deviant. The clothes that cover her tight frame shed from her body as fast as the dignity sheds from her soul. Her talented hands and mouth get this white guy to be harder than Chinese algebra. Her tiny vaginal hole gets put to the limits as she gets impaled on a dick that must have a history of destroying pussy. See for yourself as to how Kita Zen went into the bathroom as an innocent young lady and came out a cock hungry demon.

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This week on Ai Wakana, we stop this hot little asian babe on the street, and we get Ai Wakana to show us whats under her little purple top. After that we get two skater dudes to strip down to their skivvies and duck tape themselves to a pole, in the middle of the city, very embarrassing. Following that we get Ai Wakana to walk into a very public place and do something very personal, and the results are pretty freakin hot. Then we had Ai Wakana do a wet tshirt for us. Hot, hot.To close out the stunt portion of the show, we crash a local pizzeria and get two guys to have a piping hot pizza eating contest. For this weeks dessert we have the classic damsel in distress. One day while putting gas in our SUV, and wondering why it is that a Hummer is necessary in this day in age, we started talking to his beautiful japanese chick Ai Wakana. Turns out she was in the middle of her road trip when daddys credit card stop working. Japanese Pornstar Ai Wakana getting group fucked hard

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Have you ever seen a human toilet. Neither have we, so this week on Money Talks Ai Wakana finds another brave contestant to disguise him as a toilet and go undercover in to the girls bathroom. Unfortunately for him, he gets maced. Also this week we wrap up our Spring Break Tokio coverage with another addition of the booty popping, rump shaking Wheel of Bikini. Later in the show, Ai Wakana convinces a guy to paint his face completely black with a permanent marker, and we put yet another couple to the test, the Finger Jerk test. Then check out how the money talks crew gets their taxes done, they convince a hot little accountant to do their incum taxes, and lets just say that Ai Wakana is not exactly getting a refund this year. Cute hairy japo teen getting her asian juicy twat drilled with a toy

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Today I had a new scheme I wanted to try. I wanted to find a hot MILF and tell her that I am photographer. LOL. I told her I have been twenty years in the sex biz in japan. I even went as far as even getting business cards printed. Me and Ficus took Ai Wakana to the beach and I started to take pix of her. From there on it was smooth sailing. First you get them comfortable make them super special and then I work my charm. You either got it or you don’t fellas. And trust me I got it. I got all of it. Ai Wakana gets her asian hirsute pussy dildoed.

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Me and a buddy of mine were having sushi on the patio of this japanese restaurant when Ai Wakana came strutting along. I took my time and waited for the exact time to strike! I asked her to join us for lunch and sex and did my recon. Ai Wakana was one of those japo MILFs that married for money and was pretty much stuck with a kid and a loaded stiff cumdripping penis. It was obvious Ai Wakana wanted me to give her a little blowjob so I took her back to my place and fucked Ai Wakana.

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This asian girl Ai Wakana caught my eye, as I cruised by. I had to check it out and see what I could get myself into. Ai Wakana had a nice car, but it seemed to have let her down. Of course, I tried to offer help. Ai Wakana was cautious of my kindness, but I finally convinced her that I could help her with a ride. Her mechanic told her it would be about three hours until he could come get her and her car, so I made up some story about mailing important papers and brought up the idea of lunch. I had a hotel like always ready to go. It was part of my cover story of being in town for business. Once we got back Ai Wakana seemed to get shy, but the look she gave was a little playful. I just opened up and told her I wanted to give her the money for her car if Ai Wakana wanted to have sex. The sound of money got her gears moving. Ai Wakana was trying to hold back, but she couldn’t resist her own temptations. Ai Wakana┬┤s mouth was full with my cock and soon after I was deep inside Ai Wakana banging her from behind. Ai Wakana moaned like if it was her first time in a long time. It brought my blood to a boil and got my dick super excited. Her pussy was hot and fast like her car. Much to my surprise, she was so turned on she was cool with me putting my drive shaft grease on her face. Melody was all smiles after I came, and she didn’t even have money or cars on her mind.

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Gorgeous Gorgeous Ai wakana enjoys getting deflorated her asian cun

I saw asian babe Ai Wakana, a sexy and curvy, yet petite, Japanese teen girl that was on her way to a job interview. Being the opportunist he was, Ai Wakana came up with a scheme to get some action. He offered Ai Wakana the opportunity to join him while he assessed a job and possibly gave her some work. Ai Wakana bit and went along with Tyler to the house. When he broke the news that the job wouldn’t start until the next day, Ai Wakana said she’d do whatever necessary to get money that day. That was a green light for Tyler, and he proceeded to offer to pay her to get undressed naked. Ai Wakana needed the money and loved sex, so it was a no-brainer for her. Ai Wakana was on her knees sucking cock shortly after the work began. Tyler pounded her tight juicy pussy, tits, and mouth, making sure to get his money’s worth. Ai Wakana got a face full of cum and a handful of cash.

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I happened to be at a parking lot this week and encountered a cute asian teen girl, by the name of Ai Wakana, who’d locked her keys in the car. Ai Wakana was stuck waiting for the locksmith and had to spend her only shopping money for work clothes. I offered Ai Wakana some cash to come hang with me while Ai Wakana killed time waiting for the locksmith. Ai Wakana was hesitant at first, but then gave in to the Benjamins. Ai Wakana was smoking hot too with a killer body. We got to talking, and I asked her to show me her japanese boobies for more money. After some negotiating, Ai Wakana pulled out her awesome titties and let me see her sweet oriental pussy. From there, Ai Wakana was down to do whatever for the money. I even got a little blowjob in the car on the way back to my place. Boy was I shocked when Ai Wakana took off her dress and revealed that amazing asian ass, so hot! You don’t want to miss one second of this cute eastern hottie getting nailed hard.

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Horny babe Ai wakan taking a huge dick doggy style

With my cash in hand I was going to hit the strip club a block away from my hotel. When I rolled in to park there was a japanese girl having a smoke by the rear entrance. I asked if they were open. Ai Wakana said yes, but it wasn’t that good. Ai Wakana had just gotten off and there was no one in there. I showed her my wad of cash, and told her I was going to make it rain in there. She got all excited. She told me she didn’t make any money and we could work something out. Ai Wakana agreed to a private dance at my hotel. I gave her the money once we got there, so she knew I wasn’t messing with her. I got a quick little dance, but Ai Wakana wanted more as I did. She bit my cock through my shorts and said she would do more if the price was right. That day couldn’t have turned out better. Ai Wakana got naked and slobbered on my cock. I took her in the bed room and fucked her nice moist pussy. It was was warm and a perfect fit. I almost came too soon a couple times. Ai Wakana was a good fuck and well worth the money.

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Ai Wakana in white japanese ankle socks getting her hairy asian pussy pounded

I went bowling last week but didnt even get inside the building when I spotted this cute japanese girl on her break. Ai Wakana worked in the bar and looked like she was having a bad time. Ai Wakana was struggling with her bills and needed money. I told her I had some money and wanted to spend some one on one time with her. Ai Wakana had a bit of an attitude but that changed once it sunk in that she really needed the money. It was a completely different story once we got into an upstairs bathroom. Ai Wakana spread her legs and started fingering herself right away. Ai Wakana meant business and we got right to it. She was an expert cock sucker and one hell of a fuck. I will definitely be going back to get a drink from her.